Sunday, November 9, 2008

EU regulations to protect Great Apes

Tom Feilden reports on the EU providing protection for primates in medical experimentation and for banning experiments on the great apes all together. "Underpinning the draft directive is the principle of the 3R's -

reducing the number of animals to a minimum, refining experiments to alleviate suffering, and replacing animals with alternatives wherever possible.
It's an approach that has been pioneered here in the UK, and some are already referring to the plan as a Europe-wide adoption of "the British model"."

Listen here:

Tom Feilden reports

The proposals seem fairly consistent with those proposed by Darwin.

Fake photos --- the old fashion way

It was a staple of the regimes of the Cold War to doctor photographs. Winston's job at the Ministry in 1984 was rewriting history using such photographs. There is a good, though out of print, work by David King The Commissar Vanishes, which details Stalinist photo techniques.

See the online exhibit at the Newseum

Now the BBC has reported similar manipulations of recent photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in their story: 'Fake photo' revives Kim rumours