Sunday, November 8, 2009

How homeopathy cures and other pseudo-scientific wonders

A remarkable video of Dr. (of optometry) Charlene Werner
as she explains homeopathy.
It seems that if you took high school chemistry and recognize Einstein's name, then you too have the background to understand everything she is talking about. Of course, if you have had more than that, then it might not make very much sense. We should all be glad to know that god sent Stephen Hawking as a messenger, but really that is beside the point. It is all about vibration, we are told, and that the universe has no mass.
PZ Myers' pharyngula blog has dedicated a couple of entries to this, and it seems that the original poster has been threatened with legal action for linking to it, so it seems natural to mention it here and link to it. Myers also has a link in his blog for a lecture by Lawrence Krauss that actually makes sense given what we actually know about the universe.