Thursday, December 1, 2011

A rare victory against one of my chess programs. Nimzovich-Larsen Attack

White               Black
BRBIII -- Arasan 3.5 
[Nimzovich - Larsen Attack ECO A01]
New York City, August 5, 2011 (5 minutes per move)

1.P-QN3 P-K4 
2.B-N2 P-Q3 
3.P-K3 N-KB3
4.N-QB3 B-K2 
5.B-N5+ P-B3 
6.B-B4 P-Q4
7.B-K2 0-0

8.P-Q4 PxP 
9.QxP P-B4 
10.Q-Q1 N-B3
11.N-B3 P-Q5
12.PxP NxP 
13.NxN PxN
14.N-N1 B-QN5+ 
15.P-B3 PxP 
16.BxP QxQ+
17.KxQ N-K5 
18.BxB NxP+ 
19.K-K1 NxR 
20.BxR KxB
21.B-B3 B-B4 
22.N-B3 R-B1 
23.R-B1 B-Q2
24.N-K2 RxR+ 
25.NxR P-QN3 
26.K-B1 B-N4+
27.K-N1 N-N6 
28.PxN K-K2 
29.N-K2 K-B3 
30.K-B2 B-Q2 
31.N-Q4 P-QR4 
32.B-K4 K-K4 
33.K-K3 P-R3 
34.N-B3+ K-Q3 
35.K-Q4 P-QN4 
36.N-K5 B-K1 
37.P-R3 P-B3 
38.N-Q3 B-B2 
39.P-QN4 PxP

40.NxP B-K1 
41.N-B2 P-R4 
42.N-K3 P-N3 
43.N-Q5 P-B4
44.B-B3 B-B3 
45.N-B3 BxB 
46.PxB P-B5 
47.PxP K-B3 
48.K-K3 P-R5 
49.K-B2 K-B4

50.N-K4+ K-Q5 
51.N-Q6 K-B4 
52.N-N7+ K-B3
53.N-R5+ K-N3 
54.N-N3 K-B3 
55.K-N2 K-Q4
56.K-R3 K-B5 
57.N-B1 K-B6 
58.KxP K-N7
59.N-Q3+ K-N6 
60.K-N5 K-B5 and Black Resigns
"Nimzowitsch, along with other hypermodern thinkers such as Richard Reti, revolutionized chess, proving to the chess world that controlling the center of the board mattered more than actually occupying it. Nimzowitsch is also a highly-regarded chess writer, most famously for the 1925 classic My System, to this day regarded as one of the most important chess books of all time. Other books include Chess Praxis which further expounds the hypermodern idea, and the seminal work The Blockade explores the strategy implied by his famous maxim, "First restrain, then blockade, finally destroy!"
As a profound opening theoretician, Nimzowitsch has left a legacy of variations, many of which are still popular today. The Nimzo-Indian Defense (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4) is named after him, as are several variations of the French Defense. He also is credited in part for the Sicilian, Nimzovich-Rubinstein (B29) Variation (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nf6), the Nimzovich-Larsen Attack (A01) (1.b3), the Nimzowitsch Defense (1.e4 Nc6), and many others."
From The Games of Aron Nimzowitsch http://www.chessgames.comperl/chessplayer?pid=10249