Monday, June 27, 2011

Until Darwin Blog on "Morton vs Gould" -- Comment I: On the New York Times article and editiorial.

The first comment on the "Morton vs. Gould" controversy, which looks at the New York Times article that announced the new findings, is available on my Until Darwin blog.
 The New York Times Article and Editorial.  Comment I on Morton Vs Gould"

From ScienceNow -- ScienceShot: Darwin's Library, Just a Click Away

The June issue of Science takes note of an important new resource on Darwin and Natural History.  The online Biodiversity Heritage Library has made available digitized copies of 419 volumes from Darwin's personal library.  Each work is reproduced with Darwin's marginalia, which is also transcribed for ease of reading.
 This is a great new archive that nicely compliments these others:

**Cambridge University Darwin Project: Complete Works, Manuscrpts, Works on Darwin, etc.
**Darwin Correspondence Project
**Voyage of the Beagle in Blog format
**Darwin's Home: Down House
**American Museum of Natural History: Darwin Exhibition
**American Museum of Natural History: Darwin Digital Library of Evolution

**Evolution of Evolution: 150 Years of Darwin's On the Origin of Species
**The BBC's extensive Darwin Page
**BBC Slideshow of Darwin's Beagle Notebooks
**Melvyn Bragg's series of Darwin programs.  
            [Check out the In Our Time audio archives as well.]
** New York Times' Darwin page

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Morton versus Gould" on Until Darwin blog.

Over the next few days I'll be adding some materials and commentary on the "Morton versus Gould" debate on my Until Darwin blog at .  The first two posts are up now, one being Morton's description of his collection, and the other consisting of short selections from Gould's Mismeasure of Man.  In a day of so, I'll start posting an analysis of the article and the "controversy" surrounding it.