Monday, April 30, 2012

Adorno on "immanent analysis" and Empirical Research

"...immanent analysis:  analysis, that is, of the internal consistency or inconsistency of the opinion itself, and of its relationship to its object, not the abstract opposition of the opinion to something postulated as objectively valid.  It is not a question of dismissing the opinion with a Platonic disdain, but of deducing its untruth from the truth -- the social structure that undergirds it -- and finally from the untruth inherent in the latter.  On the other hand, the cross-section of attitudes represents, not an approximation of the truth, but a cross section of social illusion.  Participating in this is that ens realissimum [lit. “the most real being”] of unreflecting social research -- the respondents, the subjects.  Their own being, their existence as subjects, depends on the objectivity, the mechanisms that they obey and which constitute the conceptual framework in which they are to be situated.  This latter, however, can only be determined by discovering in the facts themselves the tendency that points beyond them.  That is the function of philosophy in empirical social research.  If it fails to fulfill it or allows it to be suppressed, so that mere facts are reproduced, such a reproduction immediately falsifies the facts and creates out of them an ideology."

Theodor Adorno
Sociology and Empirical Research (1957)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well, I Never....

Results from the first 15 pages of a Google search on the exact phrase "Well, I never..."

Well, I never*

*been to England
*been to heaven but I been to Oklahoma
*been to Spain but I kinda like the music
*claimed to be a fashion guru
*claimed to understand
*cried when old yeller died
*did get my fill on
*did know anybody like you, Madame Mantalini
*did... they were absolutely huge and
*ever knew you could be so cruel
*expected to be doing this today
*experience or notice any of the things you speak of, perhaps you should avoid people like that

*felt more like singin' the blues
*finished the degree
*go looking for it and it never happens
*got any proper sleep, but did get half unpacked
*got *that* sadist playing Roller Coaster Tycoon
*had confidence on the greens and I did a bit of work with my coach last night
*had a latency period
*had a place that I could call my very own
*hated you
*heard about that
*hit anyone because i can damn well see the problem and slow down or stop in time
*heard it before, but it sounds uncommon nonsense
*heard the likes of it in all my born days
*I don't always finish my sentences, but when I do, I never
*is surely one of the best Best Bachelorette Party Games

*it was only a dollar last time I was here
*kept a dollar past sunset
*knew banana's grew on trees
*knew that
*knew that about Fanny
*knew that about London
*knew that Dragonling Dragons Beautiful baby dragon ornament
*knew the girl
*knew you were so much fun
*lied, or kept it a secret; it was just a little harmless flirting after all
*made a scene
*made off the plane
*made titles like that and it worked for me
*managed to get my email working via the hospital information system, there were too many security controls in the ward
*meant to cause you no pain
*met anybody like you in all me life before
*or, at least, not recently
*posted in the African-American Forum
*really left
*really have planned a motorcycle trip in my life
*rode, and as I've aged I've become more leery of heights and aggravating existing aches and pains

*said goodbye started out that way
*said I could cook.....
*said I wouldn't
*said I wouldn't throw my jacket in the mud for ...
*said the woman, "and just fancy -- all with a stone"
*saw a problem
*saw a problem with multiple inboxes
*saw it coming
*saw this one coming
*saw that coming
*seem to eat enough of it this time of year when it's at it's finest
*seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy
*she said at last. "And me thinking it was a pot of gold
*should've crossed it
*should've said that
*sleep well on the night before hunting
*talked about forever
*talked about it
*thought that I would be a recruiter and I am sure that there are many like me.
*thought of that
*thought I would find myself in a skinny jean at my current weight class
*thought I'd make it
*thought I'd say I'm fine without you
*thought it would happen to me
*thought of it that way
*thought you'd stay
*told about my latitudinarian dependencies
*told you
*took bc pills until after I had my first child
*took the time to realize
*tried to change you
*wanna lose that view
*want to see you unhappy
*was a David Bowie fan
*was there ever a cat so clever
*went there anyway
*worry, now that's a lie

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Music of the Week: John Coltrane Quartet: A Love Supreme (Fragment)

A short fragment of a 1965 live performance of A Love Supreme.


John Coltrane - Tenor Sax
McCoy Tyner - Piano
Jimmy Garrison - Bass
Elvin Jones - Drums
July 26, 1965 in Antibes.

Recently, NPR's Eric Westervelt did a story on Coltrane's Love Supreme.  You can hear it at:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Situations: New Issue Party

 Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination

This Friday, April 20th, the Situations Collective will be presenting its latest issue at the CUNY Graduate Center, 6th floor , Room 6115. There will be a presentation and dialogue with Constantinos Tsoukalas ( a premier Greek social and political philosopher ) and Stanley Aronowitz on the current conjuncture. Also, Jeremy Glick will offer some insight on his latest essay on Lines of flight and the coming insurrection's ( the Tarmac 9 group and the Invisible community) attempt to create political tabula rasas

We begin at 5 and there will be wine and cheese.

Interventions by:
Stanley Aronowitz
Peter Bratsis
Jeremy Glick
Michael Pelias
Konstantinos Tsoukalas

Wednesday, April 4, 2012